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Announcing a Brand New 9-Part Video Course

What if you had no software, no WordPress plugins, no membership script, no landing page,
no sales letter, and no sales video?

"Discover How to Get Rid of Expensive Scripts
and Create a Profitable Business with Recurring
Income by Using Only Facebook!"

From the Desk of:

Brian Lam

Dear Business Owner,

While traditional continuity programs continue to grow, they often lack the one thing that will increase your retention—a community.

Put yourself in your customers' shoes for just one second.

When you first join a traditional monthly or recurring membership site, you're excited. Maybe you even go out and tell people how good it is, causing them to also join.

But as time starts to pass, that excitement dies down because either you don't feel invested or you're just plain stuck.

What you’ve just experienced in this “hypothetical” situation is what the majority of folks experience whenever they buy products. Those feelings of dissatisfaction result in angry customers, high support costs for you, and refunds.

This is one of the main reasons why continuity programs have short retention rates, typically averaging only 3 months max.

So what's the solution?
How can you prevent these negative feelings in your customers?
How can you offer both a community and your great product?

The answer is by using Facebook as a platform to create a community of customers.

You see, Facebook continuity programs are growing in popularity because:

1)    They offer a community;
2)    They offer access to information, wisdom, advice, and tips; and
3)    All of this is available in one centralized area.

For customers, having access to an active Facebook continuity program is appealing because if they ever lose, they know you have their back. They can contact either you or your moderators for help and receive an answer quickly.

Yes, it is true that many people can get caught up in Facebook and allow it to eat all of their time, but the advantages outweigh the possible disadvantages.

I'm sure you would rather have someone stay for 12 months vs. 2 months, right?

Even so, I’m sure you still have plenty of questions like:

•    Can this work for any niche?
•    What kind of tests can I put the program through to ensure that it will sell?
•    How am I supposed to sell to my Facebook group?
•    How do I convert my subscribers with no sales letter?
•    How do I deliver content without it getting lost in all the posts and comments?
•    Will this show me how to get rid of expensive membership software?
•    What about security? How can I protect my goods?


FB Mastermind Continuity

  9 Part Video Course

Here's a breakdown of this 9 part video series in more detail.

Video #1 - Quick Overview

Before we get started, I want to make sure that you are given a quick overview of what to expect from this video course and how the system works. You'll also want to get into the right mindset before jumping in head-first. Additionally, we’ll discuss the three most important priorities and how to utilize them effectively to grow your community.

Video #2 - Can Your Niche Pass the Test?

While there are thousands of different niches that can take advantage of a Facebook continuity program, you want to know for sure that yours passes the test. You don’t want to make the mistake of investing time into trying to sell your goods through Facebook only to find that you don’t get the results you were hoping for. Since this is one of the most common mistakes people make, this video will show you how to ensure that your niche will be profitable and worth your time. The test is quick and easy with practical application; it should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Video #3 -  Competition Research

Once you have found a niche that passes the test, it's time to do a little research and figure out what your competitors are doing and—just as importantly—what they are not doing. I’ll show you how to read the patterns so that you know exactly what is happening out in the marketplace. You will also learn how to pinpoint areas that can build up your community.

Video #4 - Product Funnel Creation

Congratulations! By reaching this video, we can now start focusing on building out your sales funnel. In order to do this, we will be using a specific strategy that I call the “backward funnel strategy”, which has proven time and time again to actually be more efficient. While it may not make sense right now, I guarantee that you’ll be able to surpass the frustrations of writers block and start moving into the product creation phase.

Video #5 - Pricing and Niche Continuity Models

One of the biggest questions people ask me is, “How should I price my continuity program?” To answer this, I’m going to is show you different types of continuity models so that you can replicate and follow them.


Video #6 - Content Creation

It's time to take all the research that you’ve done so far and start creating content. By the end of this video, you should have all you need to set up your Facebook continuity program.


Video #7 - Setting It All Up: What You Need to Succeed

Now that you have your content, you’re ready to set up your program so that you can start driving people to your Facebook group. In this video, I’ll show you step-by-step how to set up everything up from scratch. So in other words, I will show you how to get people to your thank you page and then to your Facebook group. You'll also learn how to protect your group from nonpaying thieves.

Video #8 - Adding Content to Facebook

Once you have your Facebook group set up, you’ll need to add content and organize it within the group. This video will cover how to do that, as well as how to lead your community and protect it against troublemakers. You'll learn how to increase engagement and make a community where people feel like they are invested, thus creating a higher retention rate.

Video #9 - Outsourcing

Fortunately, about 70% of the system is automated; still, that leaves 30% of it as manual labor. As your community grows, you will need to learn how to outsource it to reliable people. You want to make sure that you have your checks and balances in place to ensure that your refund rate—and confusion rate—is low. You always want to make sure that your customers are being taken care of, because in a community, the mood can easily change from excitement to a feeling of being taken advantage of. Thus, I’ll show you how best to source this process and find the right people for your team.

Follow this simple step-by-step system and you’re sure to
rise your own Facebook continuity program very soon!

There's more to this!

2 Special Bonuses if you get it today!

Bonus #1 - Facebook Monetization Strategies

  • Video #1 - Overview of Facebook Monetization Strategies
  • Video #2 - Opt-In Strategies
  • Video #3 - Recurring Memberships Overview
  • Video #4 - Will Your Subject Matter Support a Membership?
  • Video #5 - Types of Paid Memberships and Products
  • Video #6 - Payment Systems For a Facebook Memberships
  • Video #7 - Support Site For The Membership
  • Video #8 - Delivering Content Inside of Facebook
  • Video #9 - Additional Monetization Through Live Events
  • Video #10 - Strategies For Creating Facebook Based Products
  • Video #11 - Strategies For Moving Members Off Facebook
  • Video #12 - Strategies For Replacing Members Who Quit

Bonus #2 - Niche Business Jumpstart Coaching Videos 

In my brand new 'Niche Business Jumpstart' training, you'll learn:

  • How to determine exactly what folks on the Warrior Forum are looking for.

  • How to Create your $7 products - and how to create the upsells that make your offers profitable.

  • How to create $7 product after $7 product over and over and over again.

  • How I cracked the code to getting FREE WSO leads - there are many wrong ways to do it - but the way I do it gets me 20-40 new leads just about every time I release a new FREE WSO. And I'll tell you the exact formula I am using that is converting best.

  • The entire psychology behind how to monetize your WSO leads once they get onto your list. This is worth the entire price of the course!

  • My entire philosophy for using the Warrior Forum to build a starter business online.

  • And so many cool stuff I can't even reveal here.

In short - you are getting my entire system for using the Warrior Forum to make money and get leads.


It comes to you as a 10 video series with hidden nuggets and gems loaded into it - with my exact ideas for what to do and how to do it.

Today I'm going to do
something INSANE...

Add all these products to your cart now for only....



Yes! You didn't see wrongly.

This is a special $17 deal for you today only!

No Question Asked
60 Days Money Back Guaranteed!


Brian Lam

P.S. Discover how to get rid of expensive software scripts and create a profitable long-term recurring business just by using Facebook!

P.P.S. This training course was designed to help you create a long-term sales strategy. The lessons you learn will help you succeed for years to come!

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